Here is a list of experts who have been critical of current politics / medicine. Thanks to Dr. Schiffmann for compiling the list. 


See also video of Dr. Bodo Schiffmann:


The links lead to public quotations of these 36 persons


The experts: Medical law specialist from Heidelberg: Beate Bahner

Lawyer: Prof. Ulrich Battis

Prof. for Statistics & Social Research. former employee of the Federal Statistical Office & Advisor to the Ministry of Finance/ Economics in the German Bundestag: Prof. Gerd Bosbach

Doctor & Microbiologist: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi

america. Research team of immunologists & virologists: Fauci et al Dr Anthony S. Fauci Dr Clifford Lane Dr Robert R. Redfield

Gynaecologist DDr.: Christian Fiala.

alternative medicine & hypnotherapist: Dr. Marc Fiddike

Microbiologist: Prof. Marita R. Gismondo

Virologist: Prof. Pablo Goldschmidt

Clinical Process Analyst: Prof. Peter C. Gøtzsche

Specialist in microbiology, virology and epidemiology of infections:: Prof. DDr. Martin Haditsch

Immunologist & toxicologist: Prof. Stefan Hockertz

Physician of the Prevention Research Center, Stanford University (Director): Prof. John P. A. Ioannidis

Doctor & Nutritionist at the Prevention Research Centre, Yale University (Director): Prof. David L. Katz

 Surgeon & health scientist also former Minister of Health (Manitoba): Dr. Joel Kettner

Internist: Dr. Claus Köhnlein

Epidemiologist: Prof. Gérard Krause

Chief Physician (Sankt-Gertrauden-Hospital, Berlin): Dr. Ralf Langhoff

Doctor of the Ministry of Health (Israel) and former Director General: Dr. Yoram Lass

Infectiologist of the University Hospital Hamburg (Director): Prof. Ansgar Lohse

President of Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko

Law scholar: Prof. Christoph Möllers

Virologist at the University of Zurich & Max Planck Institute: Prof. Karin Mölling

Radiologist German Medical Association (former president) World Medical Association (vice chairman): Prof. Frank U. Montgomery

Jurist & legal expert: Prof. Dietrich Murswiek

Epidemiologist at the Infection Research Center, University of Minnesota (Director): Prof. Michael T. Osterholm

Hamburg Legal Medicine (Chief): Prof. Klaus Püschel

Expert in constitutional law at the Federal Constitutional Court (former president): Prof. Hans-Jürgen Papier

Research team for French. Government on Corona Mortality Dr. Yanis Roussel et. al.

Professor of Virology at the University of Würzburg: Prof. Dr. Carsten Scheller

ENT specialist: Dr. Bodo Schiffmann

Surgeon & Urologist Dr. Michael Spitzbart V

irologe & Epidemiologist at the Virology Research Institute, University of Bonn (Director): Prof. Hendrik Streeck

Infectiologist: Prof. P. Vernazza

Lung specialist & former medical officer (Flensburg: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Epidemiologist: Prof. Knut M. Wittkowski