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Videos are much more than just a pastime. Youtube and other video channels have done more to educate the public in recent years than all our TV channels combined. Especially pure Internet TV stations address all the topics that interest us humans, but are deliberately ignored and denied by the public broadcasters. Of course, your logical and critical thinking may and should remain switched on here as well. But we must be incredibly grateful that such videos with great experts exist at all. And have you ever wondered why such experts are almost never seen on ARD or ZDF? Especially in view of the incredible nonsense that citizens in Germany have to finance with their broadcasting contributions against the will of most payers.

We have decided to publish videos here only if they contain real news. At the moment almost all news only reinforces the respective basic opinion of the individual and even more aggressions are built up. From now on we want to go back to love and understanding.

Professor Walach is one of the courageous scientists who have recently made a public statement on the corona measures. Together with Professors Bhakdi, Hockertz, Homburg and Müller, he submitted a question to the parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag at the end of April on the government measures in the corona crisis. The text is based on the motto: “The damage of a therapy must not be greater than the damage of the disease”.
The current mortality statistics of the Federal Statistical Office do not show an upward trend for Germany. Despite Corona. Is it the lockdown? Is it because of government measures? No, says Professor Stefan Homburg. The scientist shows that the pandemic behaves in the same way in different countries – regardless of whether there was a lockdown or not. “The corona virus is smarter than politics,” says Homburg.
Matthias Langwasser poses critical questions that are lost in the mass media in the general corona hysteria. Or are they deliberately suppressed? Unfortunately exactly that is the case. Reasonable voices on the Corona pandemic are branded as conspiracy theories. Even scientists and doctors who present a solid, enlightened view are defamed.
If what Professor Montagnier says here is true, we can only pray. Of course he leaves out the important questions, because he is a scientist and not a criminologist. But he says quite clearly that he is at an age where he can work freely. And he says that he has found parts of the HIV virus in Covid-19. And that these parts were professionally installed. Hopefully he will publish his work!
Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian-American scientist and MIT graduate. He has four engineering degrees and focuses mainly on systems biology. He ran for the US Senate in 2018 and again in 2020 on a platform for “Truth, Freedom and Health”. As a health care supporter, he criticizes the regulations related to the coronavirus and describes the crisis as “the biggest fearmongering hoax ever”. He supports this claim by comparing the number of Covid-19 deaths with the number of deaths in the US due to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other immunosuppressive diseases.
We hear the new numbers of Corona infected every day. And they scare many people – and are the reason for the ongoing lockdown. But the numbers say nothing about the danger of the virus. And that’s what really matters. Milena Preradovic spoke with Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, about the actual danger posed by SARS-CoVid-2. He explained the new study by Prof. Ioannidis from Stanford University in the USA and said: this corona virus is not so dangerous that a lockdown would be justified and concludes that the development of a vaccine is not the solution.

2 videos that you must have seen to understand what is going wrong.

We had to wait 10 weeks for the first reliable figures. Why these do not come from the RKI remains their secret. According to Prof. Streeck, about 15% of the population already have antibodies and the lethality rate is 0.37%. Interestingly, or rather not really surprising for insiders, the predicted figure of the John Hopkins University is 1.98%, which is about 5 times higher than what Prof. Streeck found out.
As part of the NDR podcast series “The Coronavirus Update with Christian Drosten” Christian Drosten, the director of the Charité and virologist, talks about the coronary crisis. André Barmettler listens a little more closely and finds a prospective salesman who presents his only solution to the people who are terrified, but not without getting lost in contradictions and using evil sales tricks.

Corona dictatorship? Seizure of power in the guise of public health ?

Ken Jebsen explains what is going wrong in Germany and draws a timeline to the Weimar Republic.

Rowena Jentgens-Schottenloher is a systemic consultant, supervisor and psycholinguist. But here she addresses our politicians as a mother of four!
Learn from Dr. Daniele Ganser how advertising works. How wars can be sold. What effects propaganda has on our feelings and much more!
Must Germany show solidarity with other EU countries like Italy? Definitely, says top economist Heiner Flassbeck. There is enough money.

The WHO (World Health Organization) plays a major role in this crisis. But how independent is this organization? Who is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and how is the WHO financed? But most importantly? When in the news it is said again: “The WHO has said”, what does that actually mean? Is that true and good? Here you can see three videos about the WHO, which might change your previous picture of the WHO.

Frontal21: WHO financed by pharmaceutical industry? It may seem hard to believe, but in 2014, people critical of ZDF were still working for it.
Polly is an American activist. Here she talks about the President of the WHO and how corrupt he was in his previous positions in Ethiopia.
Critics increasingly accuse the WHO of often acting for the benefit of the economy rather than for the good of humanity. Is the criticism justified?
In an unprecedented way, it becomes obvious how the pharmaceutical industry and politics have staged everything. For the first time, horse and rider are named.
Exciting results from forensic medicine in Hamburg. The first results clearly show that the figures of the RKI are far too high.
Interview with Dr Bodo Schiffmann and Thomas Frei. Entertainment on the subject of corona and why the dead are not examined more closely.
Two wonderful people talk about our fears in the Corona time. Many thanks to you Sven and to you Jens! You are wonderful people!
Here an angry doctor turns directly to Mr. Spahn. He certainly speaks from the heart of many doctors and nurses all over Germany.
The film: profiteers of fear, is THE classic at all, which everyone must have seen to better understand today’s situation.
Rubikon calls for interviews with Dr. Bodo Schiffmann to be uploaded locally on as many platforms and channels as possible!
Isn’t “Covid-19” ultimately also an instrument to shut down the already ailing financial system? A conversation with Ernst Wolff and Alex Quint.
Dr. Bodo Schiffmann has been fighting from the first day of the Corona crisis for scientifically usable data to finally be shown by the RKI.
Robert Stein, Gerhard Wisnewski and Dr. Heiko Schöning talk about Corona, but also about the role of the WHO and the false figures of the RKI. Absolutely worth seeing.
Herbert Kickl was Austrian Minister of the Interior from 2017 to May 2019. Here he speaks clear words against Corona Chancellor Kurz and the media of the same direction.
In this video you will find 35 selected experts who have expressed their opinions. Among them many virologists. HERE there is a list of the experts.
Already more than 230.000 people have seen this video with Claus Köhnlein explaining the Corona madness in detail.
How dangerous is Corona? Jens Lehrich in conversation with the pulmonologist and former head of a public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.
The emeritus professor of psychology Rainer Mausfeld shows sensitively diverse and also sophisticated psychological influencing methods.

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