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Here we answer the most important questions about our association.

Who is the 1st Board and who the 2nd Board of IBAM?


1. Chairman is Klaus Pertl

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2. Chairman is Lothar Hirneise

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IBAM explained in one sentence

IBAM is a citizens’ movement and an association for the promotion of common sense in politics and economy. 

How can I become a member?

Please go to our website and there to membership application.


How does IBAM treat donations?

With money you can do a lot of positive things. That is why it is such a pity that donations for political parties almost exclusively serve to exert influence. In order that something like this cannot happen at IBAM, we have committed ourselves to 100% transparency.

We have donation pools for various topics such as the abolition of factory farming or education about the freedom from vaccination. Every donor can make earmarked donations. Of course, the donor is also allowed to specify his own wishes as to what his donation is to be used for. We display every donation on our internet pages for members. The donor decides whether his name appears on the Internet or not.

Is IBAM non-profit?

IBAM is a non-profit, registered association. We are currently still in the process of being founded, because thanks to Corona everything takes a little longer.

Warum schließen Sie sich nicht mit anderen zusammen?

Good idea! We’d like to. But what sounds very simple at first, is not so simple in detail. Clemens Kuby, the well-known healer, called a few weeks ago on all parties that are NOT in the Bundestag to unite. Unfortunately, almost nobody has come forward and those who have come forward do not want or will not join together. At the moment we do not know of a single party that would be willing to cooperate with another. OUR doors for parties and civil movements are OPEN and WE are happy about cooperation. In any case, you are welcome to join us and get involved elsewhere.


What happens with the donations?

These are issued 100% for a specific purpose and are made public for what they were issued. In this way, we support e.g. direct clients who are committed to the exact purpose or / and we make tenders. We also support people who offer a solution to a problem or who are otherwise committed to it. The recipient has to indicate beforehand how he wants to spend the money AND then break down how the money was spent. So every donor always knows down to the smallest detail what his money was spent on. With this system money can finally do what it is best suited for: GOOD!

Do I get support as a group?

Yes, absolutely. We will promote your group on our website. Depending on our income, we also support groups financially. You can also access our speakers and support members, e.g. for lectures, seminars and much more.

Can I participate in expert tables?

Question. Do you have expert knowledge? Then let us know and we will add you to our list of experts so that others can find you. And if you have further ideas, we will bring our common citizen movement forward. Her damit damit, under: ideen@ichbinanderermeinung.de.

Why don't you work together with Widerstand2020?

Our 2nd Executive Board member Lothar Hirneise, had been offered by Dr. Schiffmann and Ralf Ludwig to participate in the offer in the event of resistance in 2020. However, we believe that a citizens’ movement is more important than a new party and have therefore founded IBAM. We think Widerstand2020 and what the founders around Victoria Hamm have put on the legs is wonderful. Mr. Hirneise has also already made a proposal to Dr. Schiffmann for cooperation. So far we have not received any feedback, but that is understandable, because Widerstand2020 is just sinking into work. Perhaps there will be an opportunity later. In any case, we are open and ready for it. Basically there is also the chance to participate here at IBAM AND at Widerstand2020. The one does not exclude the other, but includes it.

We always keep the questions / answers page up to date and adjust our answers regularly. If you have your own questions, send them to us and we will add them. You can also email us at info@ichbinanderermeinung.de or contact us using this form.

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