What can I do…

… More and more people are wondering that things are going wrong in Germany at the moment. As Democrats, we are sticking to laws and we are not going to do anything that could harm other people. But doing nothing is no longer an alternative. That is why we have the initiative: I disagree and the symbol of our initiative is the thumbs down. In doing so, we are showing, in a friendly but also clear way, that we do not agree with the current measures taken by the German Government. We call on them to finally set up a panel of experts and not to become dependent on the opinion of ONE virologist and one institution.

We are expressly not saying that the person or persons are right. But we would also like to make it very clear that we no longer have confidence (in) this government or in the one-sided reporting. It is also time to listen to other opinions, rather than infamously defaming them, especially in public service broadcasters. That’s why post a picture of you or a small video with one or two thumbs down on your website and on all social media channels. Write only below: I disagree.

Furthermore, on this page you will find PDFs / posters to print. Please print them out and hang them anywhere in Germany where people still come together. We want more and more people to know that there is more than one opinion in this world.



Here you can order these buttons:


Here are a few examples of what we or what you can do. Get creative.

There are certainly still a lot of positive ideas that our team hasn’t come up with.

Print out our posters (below) and hang them wherever people meet (yet).

Take your own pictures of yourself and /or together with your family or with your friends.

Print out our “business cards” and distribute them, of course after prior disinfection.

Take a picture with your thumbs down and post it with the name of our website.

Post the logo of our movement with your thumb down. You can download it below.

Inform all your friends and acquaintances that there is a new movement called I disagree.

Are you one of the more courageous people? Super! Then post your picture together with your name!

Make a short video and tell the world why YOU support us.

Social media, and Facebook in particular, play a major role in today’s communication. Therefore, please post on all your channels over and over again.


Link to our Facebook Fanpage!

Our posters with sayings for all occasions! Please print and hang up everywhere!

The text by Dirk-Hüther to all police officers in Germany is next to it. Please download the file as a PDF and print it out. Best multiple times. Distribute the paper to all our officials who are doing a good job at the moment. Importantly, we are FOR the police and not AGAINST them.

Give the leaf to many old people and encourage them to go out, of course with a distance of 2 meters. Imprisoning the elderly now is a crime against the people who once built this republic, our republic. Supports old people and help you get out.

The sheet is available in 2 versions. Quite normal as A4 sheet and once with cut for the people who want to print the sheet RANDLOS.

Normal HERE