It’s now or never!

Our economy is destroyed. People in poor countries (starve to death) due to the shutdown. Politicians do not admit their mistake.

These three sentences best describe the status quo in Germany. But we cannot look backwards and we have to stay positive now and make sure that we do everything now and in the next months to avoid such a fiasco a second time. How or which possibilities there are in the short and long term, we explain here.


The new expert council of IBAM. HERE more information about our experts!

Educational Videos!

Dr. Katrin Kessler informs about Corona. A neutral contribution.

Statement and appeal of an intensive care physician on the current situation.

Corona 44 (Current figures, vote in the Bundestag, etc.)

The global superpowers Google, Amazon & Co.

Oldenburg doctor critical of corona vaccinations.

Over 40.000 !!! Videos are blocked on Youtube. HERE is a page where you can see many deleted videos. We don’t let Frau von der Leyen ban our freedom of expression!
Please demonstrate all for our rights. Here is a complete list of demos!
Lothar Hirneise talks about why we are not anti-Semites. Why Drosten should finally turn himself in to Markus Lanz and discuss with other scientists. And very importantly, how do you recognize truth deniers? (Corona 9)
You want to hear independent opinions? Something different from Prof. Drosten and Co? But certainly from serious scientists and not from laymen? Then please read this summary in which 250 experts have their say!
HERE you can download our brochure directly!

Why do we need a citizens’ movement? Why the name: I disagree? What are the foundations of the “Manifesto of Common Sense? More Info…

Who are the founders of IBAM? What is their motivation? Who participates in everything? Who can take part? Why should I participate? Is it worth getting involved? More Info…
Can I do anything? And if so, what? Shouldn’t we do something right now? What can I do in the long term? Can I as an individual influence our politicians at all? More Info… 
Is IBAM a non-profit association? Can one become a member? What happens with donations? Does IBAM cooperate with other civil movements or parties? More Info…

Corona 8 Video (09. May 2020).

Lothar Hirneise von talks about what we can all do right now, about the press conference in Berlin, the letter of the Catholic Cardinals, about Widerstand2020, the future advisory staff of IBAM, the video of Judy Mikovits, fake news of the Bavarian Radio and about the possible vaccination pass – this time coming from Brussels.

Find out why Lothar Hirneise is calling for a radical revolution of our democratic party system, so as not to give such crises as the current one any more chance, and why he does not consider it sensible to found his own party. The interview with Matthias Langwasser opens our eyes to political and economic connections. Become part of the urgently needed critical mass that is needed to make real, lasting change a reality for us and for future generations. Lothar Hirneise also has two concrete tips for immediate action!

We have to do something NOW. Today!

Please copy these DIN A4 sheets and distribute them legally. For mailboxes, please note if someone does NOT want to receive AN ADVERTISEMENT. The text was written deliberately friendly and compassionate or enlightening. It is not about being right, but about reaching out to each other and mobilising people.

Please download our posters here and use them on demonstrations and hang them up everywhere.