Question, questions, questions.

Here we answer the most important questions about Corona. But not only the “usual medical” ones, but all those that interest us in these difficult times.

Do people die from the shutdown?

It is unfortunately, unfortunately now already certain that very many people (even in Germany!) will have to die due to the shutdown of many countries. While we in Germany, and even countries like Italy and Spain, “only” lament a few thousand deaths, poor countries will have to lament millions of deaths. How many millions this will be can only be estimated.

How lethal is Corona-19 actually?

This is a question everyone wants to have answered. Unfortunately, we still do not know whether Corona is more deadly, equally deadly or even less deadly than e.g. an influenza flu. The reason for this is that, incomprehensibly, no distinction is made to this day for all deaths in Italy, America, etc., whether the mostly elderly people died from corona or from corona viruses.

What do the latest figures from April 09, 2020 mean?

Let’s do the math. 82 million inhabitants x 2% is 1,640,000 affected. The lethality rate is 0.37%, resulting in 6,068 deaths. How many people were included here, in whom the death occurred due to previous illnesses etc., was unfortunately not said. But if we now assume that untested persons may also have died from the virus, then that might be a real figure.

Why are there still no exact figures?

It is easy to pass the buck here to the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) alone. On the other hand, the RKI has about 1100 employees, about 450 of them scientists, and it is incomprehensible that not even the basics of statistics are considered. In order to be able to assess Covid-19 correctly, we would need a classification into:

  • Number of negatively tested persons within a previously determined total group
  • Number of positively tested persons within a previously determined total group with the following subgroups:
  • Positive laboratory test + symptoms
  • Positive laboratory test + symptoms + corresponding findings in lung CT
  • Positive laboratory test, no symptoms, but corresponding findings in the lung CT
  • The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the general ward
  • The number of COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit
  • The number of COVID-19 patients on ventilation
  • The number of COVID-19 patients at ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)
  • The number of COVID-19 deceased
  • The number of COVID-19 deceased pathologically secured
  • The number of infected doctors and nurses

Without these figures we will not be able to determine who has died of Corona and who has not. Why such statistics do not exist to this day, or at least have been initiated, is not known and thus unfortunately only encourages speculation.

Can a doctor tell the difference between influenza and Covid-19?

Typical values seem to be decreased lymphocyte values, poor oxygen levels and increased levels of the enzyme LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) in Covid-19. However, these changes can also be observed in “normal” flu patients. Imaging procedures such as CT’s are also important. Many doctors also report false-negative PCR tests, although the patients had pneumonia on both sides.

Are there patients without previous illnesses in whom Covid-19 was the sole cause of death?

Unfortunately there is no backed up data on this. Currently there are figures in various publications which are extremely far apart.

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity is a form of protection against a contagious disease that occurs when a high percentage of a population has become immune. Corona is said to be 60-70%, but there is no proof of this. Herd immunity is the idea that Sweden is pursuing.

How reliable is the test on Corona?

Here, one has to differentiate the PCR test (smear) for the gene and the test for antibodies. The PCR test detects a short gene sequence, while the second test detects antibodies only after the disease has progressed. Unfortunately, the PCR test very often gives false results (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339770271_Potential_false-positive_rate_among_the_’asymptomatic_infected_individuals’_in_close_contacts_of_COVID-19_patients).


Why does Sweden go its own way?

The Swedish government’s strategy is aimed at slowing down the spread of the virus as much as possible. The country is pursuing a very liberal strategy in this respect. The government appeals to everyone’s sense of responsibility and keeps gyms and swimming pools open, even parties of up to 50 people are allowed. This again raises the question of whether Germany’s current strategy is the right one, because the figures in Sweden are currently better than in Germany and the economy has not been destroyed.

Do thousands of people die in Belarus?

Belarus is the only country that has done almost nothing to prevent the spread of corona. The borders are open and the football league continues to play as before. President Lukashenko said literally on television ‘Locking people in stuffy apartments is not a good method. If you have a cold or flu, you should go outside, breathe fresh air and ventilate the apartments well.”

This “experiment” of President Lukashenko’s must be studied more closely after the crisis and compared with other countries or their lethality figures.

How is Corona transmitted?

There are a lot of rumours, but unfortunately few clear answers. The most experienced virologist in this field is probably currently Prof. Hendrik Streeck, as he has seen and examined most corona patients. According to his findings, corona is transmitted exclusively via droplets. He was also unable to detect any living viruses outside the body.

How many people die of Corona every day in Germany?

See the question: Why are there still no exact numbers? Note: In Italy, just like in Germany, all the dead who could have EVENTUALLY died of Corona are in the same group. So the numbers sound very high, at least in Italy or America. Add to this the extremely high number of old people who might have died of Corona. In Italy the average age was 79.8 years. This suggests the assumption that these people died of a “flu” and would probably have lived even longer without it. However, this is not because of the dangerousness of Covid-19, but because these people would have died from a “normal” flu, due to their age and previous illnesses.

Do more people die of Corona in Italy than in any other country?

Unfortunately, we do not know at present how many people in Italy or America have died of Corona, because no statistically usable figures are available from either country to date. The figures quoted by the media are unfortunately not verifiable and, according to scientific assessments, appear to have been clearly overstated, as a great many deaths have been included in the statistics that have not died of corona. This is not a trivialisation of the tragic deaths in Italy and there is no doubt that many people would certainly still be alive if there had not been such a strong viral flu as Corona in Italy. However, it is very difficult, due to the lack of figures, to distinguish who has died from Corona and who is dangerously Corona.

Are the RKI and Prof. Christian Drosten the only advisors to our government?

Currently, the RKI determines the guidelines and Prof. Drosten from the Charite Berlin advises as a specialized virologist, as he is very familiar with sars viruses. Other consultants with influence are not known.

Can respiratory therapies also be negative?

This is currently the subject of very controversial discussion, not only in Germany. The background is that a final failure of the lungs is often caused by too high pressure and too much oxygen. Even in China, there is a debate about whether the high number of ventilations was possibly not contra-induced. Unfortunately, there is currently no reliable information on this.

When will there be a vaccine?

There are several statements that a vaccine will already be available in autumn. However, there are many unanswered questions:

* Will the usual regulations for the development of vaccines be overridden for this, as Prof. Drosten demanded of the German government?

* If so, will we risk a second thalidomide?

* Will the state be liable for damages, as Prof. Drosten has demanded?

* Does it make any sense to vaccinate Covid-19 at the end of the year or will the virus not have mutated by then or is there not already a herd immunity?

* How does the state not avoid again to buy millions of vaccine doses, which nobody wants later, like with the swine flu 2009?

Why can't I go for a walk or ride my bike with my family on the beach?

We wonder about this too. Neither while cycling nor while walking on the beach you can get infected or infect others.

Shouldn't all cashiers be infected?

If the current, misconceived, theory of surface infection were correct, 99% of all cashiers would probably become infected through contact via the surfaces of the products on the checkout belts. According to Prof. Streeck, however, this is not possible and is further proof that corona viruses cannot survive outside the body.

Why aren't residents allowed to walk in the forest?

We understand this measure just as little as almost everyone in Germany. There is no possibility to get infected while walking in the forest, in the park or on the beach.

Do all sick people have to be ventilated?

No. Insemination is a high-intensity therapy and should only be done in emergencies. In fact, most patients have no symptoms or only mild symptoms. Many people were ventilated because of respiratory disorders / corona and unfortunately died anyway. In the meantime, there are even critical voices in America, but also in Germany, whether ventilation is not too fast and too frequent.

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