Our demands...

... to the people many of us once chose

In the following you can read 10 demands that many people in Germany have on our government. We are aware that many of our politicians here have different views, if only because of the demanded loyalty to the party. And yes, we are happy to enter into a dialogue here. But when there is one demand there can be no dialogue about it and that is our first and most important demand:

We need expert advice immediately!


Germany is the country of poets and thinkers. Everywhere we are envied for having such humble and great scientists. But what good is it if their expertise is not heard in a crisis. Neither Prof. Dr. Karin Mölling nor Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi are heard by our government, after all two of the world’s most famous virus researchers. And even the findings of Prof. Hendrik Streeck, who sits on Armin Laschet’s NRW Council, are not taken into account in the deliberations in Berlin. Yet it is he, and not the only advisor of the German government, Prof. Christian Drosten, who personally saw most of the Covid-19 patients in Germany. Is it perhaps because otherwise our politicians would have to admit that they made catastrophically wrong decisions a few weeks ago? But now is not the time to be narrow-minded and as the American writer James Russel Lowell said: “Only the fools and the dead never change their minds.

To avoid any misunderstandings, we absolutely believe that experts like Prof. Drosten have to sit in a council of experts. But not alone. The crisis is too big and too difficult to accept ONE OPINION as dogma, as it is unfortunately happening at the moment. Experts from non-medical fields must also sit on this council of experts. Meanwhile it is already sad truth that the shutdown, which is totally overdone in many countries of the world, will lead to far more deaths than Corona. This humane emergency must be stopped at all costs. NOW!

This is why we need a national council of experts in addition to the WHO and the RKI, because both organizations have proven in the last few days that they are not able to manage this crisis without too much “collateral damage”.

We holistically thinking people listen patiently to the opinions of others every day for weeks now. We have accepted everything until the very end and put the greatest trust in our government and its experts. But this trust was extremely disappointed and therefore we now ask the German government to finally listen to other opinions. Or is it no longer acceptable in a democracy to expect other opinions to be heard?




We urgently need evaluable numbers

It is unbearable for logically thinking people in which unscientific way Prof. Wieler from the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) has been presenting numbers for weeks (1). We do not want to hear any more unevaluable total numbers, but how many people because of Covid-19 died. It is not enough to hear every day how many people died yesterday in Germany in general. It is also not enough to tell us daily how many people have now been tested positive or negative with a test that gives up to 50% wrong results (2) etc. The only thing we want to know is how dangerous Covid-19 is and for this we need reliable figures, mainly from pathology. The fact that the most important medical doctors for this work, namely pathologists (3), have not been included in the evaluations is not a faux pas, but unscientific work of the first order. 

See also under FAQ: Why are there still no exact numbers ?

That there are people in Germany who know something about numbers can be seen in the example of Wolfgang Meyerhöfer, who nicely describes that the corona crisis is also a “crisis of mathematical education”. (4)

It is also frightening to see that a lack of numbers is a problem in many countries and that it is only since April that institutions have been collecting numbers worldwide. (5) 


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Clear statements on how to become infected

Until today we hear extremely different statements about how the corona virus is transmitted. To our knowledge, only Prof. Hendrik Streeck from the Institute of Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn has so far collected really meaningful data. These data indicate that Covid-19 only transmits via droplets. In his research (blood samples, air samples, smears from animals, etc.) Prof. Streeck could not detect any living viruses in animals or outside the body, e.g. on door handles, surfaces, etc. (1) (2).

There are several questions:

1. Why didn’t our highest authority RKI initiate these extremely important investigations weeks ago? Instead, all citizens were put into a hysteria that Covid-19 is apparently transmitted via surfaces, any contact, even possibly via animals. This has led to an unfortunately very justified fear among many people due to misinformation. 

2. Now that we know better, why aren’t NEW consequences being drawn? 

3. Why doesn’t the RKI stop the many false statements in the media?

4. When does the RKI intend to conduct its own investigations?

(1) https://youtu.be/VP7La2bkOMo

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The incitement of the German population must stop immediately

We no longer accept that Tagesschau and Today permanently present wrong numbers. There it says: “Today xx persons died in Germany again from the Corona Virus” instead of honestly saying: “Today xx persons died in Germany. Among them were xx patients who tested positive for Covid-19 in a PCR test. XX persons of these deceased had severe cardiological or oncological pre-existing conditions”. Or even better: “For xx of the deceased, the autopsies performed indicate death by corona-19”.

It is incomprehensible that after several weeks we still have no meaningful numbers. But what one can at least expect from a scientific institute like the RKI is that they honestly reflect the available numbers in order not to cause hysteria among the population. Since we consider Prof. Wieler to be a well educated person, the question arises why he is participating in this hunt and why he is achieving exactly this. We hope with all our heart that Prof. Wieler has not let himself be influenced by the disgusting and inhuman secret paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (1) (2).

On 12.03.2020, our prime ministers of the federal states increased the broadcasting contribution :-(. This will increase the revenues to over € A more than proud number. We don’t think that it is too much to ask as a fee payer to get correctly presented figures on public TV.

We are also not informed about the allegedly catastrophic conditions in German hospitals. If you watch the news on TV, you might think that the hospitals are full to bursting, patients are lying in the corridors and we need the 10,000 ventilators ordered by Jens Spahn from the Dräger company tomorrow if possible. But if you then go to the pages of www.intensivregister.de/#/intensivregister, you can see that on April 4, 2020 there were still more than 9,000 intensive care beds available in Germany. 

On March 25, the German Bundestag passed the “COVID19 Hospital Relief Act” with the consent of the Bundesrat. Overnight, 2.8 billion euros was approved for compensation payments for postponements of plannable operations, and additional spending of around 6.3 billion euros was incurred for the German health insurance alone. Guess, who will have to pay these additional expenses in the future through higher health insurance contributions? Not to mention the fact that thousands of operations are (unnecessarily) postponed.

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(2) https://fragdenstaat.de/dokumente/4123-wie-wir-covid-19-unter-kontrolle-bekommen/



Removal of the initial restriction

Quite apart from the fact that we do not even know definitively whether the current restrictions are in reality nothing more than an illegal deprivation of our fundamental civil rights (1) (2) (3), we now know that they lead to enormous health and economic damage. After all, the justification for this damage, which is unparalleled in German history, is the concern for the health of German citizens. But as long as we have no scientifically proven facts about how dangerous the Corona virus really is, the measures currently taken cannot be justified. Thus, the constitutional principle of proportionality and the constitutional duty of the state to protect the rights of freedom and the health of the citizens is blatantly violated. 

We already have to reckon with probably more deaths from cancer, increased infant mortality, increased suicide rates and much more. (3) However, it is the elderly population that is most affected by the restrictions. Supposedly we want to protect exactly this age group. But is this really so? (4) Can you understand, for example, why older people should NOT go for a walk in the park and instead be locked up in their rooms? This can also be done with relatives, of course with a safe distance. For sure, walking in the park or on the beach will not give older people an infection with corona viruses and instead do something good for their immune system, which is very important right now. 

It also makes no sense to continue to lock up people with a positive antibody test. They can’t get infected a second time, nor do they endanger other people. (5) So why should these people not be allowed to return to their “old life” and work again? Whether this is done with a stamp in a passport, through a plastic bracelet or through … is indicated, we leave it up to politicians.

Even during the Second World War, people were allowed to bury their loved ones in honour. We therefore demand that the limitation of persons at funerals be stopped immediately. 

If an appointed expert council is of the opinion that house arrests are useful for certain population groups for a limited period of time, e.g. for quarantines or for people in need of protection, then we will of course and gladly support this. But until then, there is no reason to ban leisure activities that strengthen the immune system, such as cycling, walks in the forest, on the beach, sports activities without direct contact, etc. Here 100% no infections are possible and therefore absolutely incomprehensible. The only thing that makes you ill is not to do these activities!

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Addendum: Complete legal statement, why the Corona Ordinances of all 16 federal states are blatantly unconstitutional: http://beatebahner.de/lib.medien/Erklaerung%20Beate%20Bahner%207.4.2020.pdf





We need information about private interests

It is now common practice for scientists to indicate in studies whether they have personal interests / overlaps that could influence the neutrality of the study. We say quite clearly that we do not accuse Prof. Drosten or the RKI of having any direct interests. However, to date there is still a lack of clear information about who makes the most money from the now millions of tests. Not to mention studies for future vaccines. We consider this point to be quite important, because it could have a great influence on “scientific recommendations”. (1) (2)

Especially from the point of view of the punishable role of the WHO (World Health Organization) or its president Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (3), (4), (5), we must take a close look at this pubect. We older people still remember very well how the WHO, but also all German media, fueled a hysteria about swine flu in 2009. Thanks to the WHO in combination with the negative influence of the media, pharmaceutical companies made unbelievable billions in profits. There is a reluctant debate about the fact that we taxpayers have paid for this, just as we have to pay the extreme costs this time. In addition, the WHO has long since ceased to be an organization of states, but is now about 80% of all funds from pharmaceutical companies or private donors. (6) It is downright grotesque that in a corona crisis we rely on statements of an organisation like the WHO, in whose meetings representatives of pharmaceutical companies sit around the table. (7) (8)


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assumption of the economic damage unjustly caused by the state

The current closures of companies, combined with exit restrictions, were decided WITHOUT SCIENTIFIC PROOF regarding the lethality of Covid-19 and therefore the state is also responsible for the current and future damage to our economy. Our politicians in Berlin are now trying to talk their way out of this with low initial aid or extended KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) loans. There is a lot of talk about up to 500 billion additional funds through KfW, but not about the fact that only a small part of these KfW funds will ever reach the affected companies. Firstly, you need additional collateral from your house bank, even if it is always claimed otherwise, and secondly, these loans must be repaid. This point is even more important, because in a global economy that will certainly be damaged for years to come, how, please, will we ever be able to pay back loans? Once again, these measures only help banks or the KfW. Not to mention the following: How impossible is it actually, that the German state now also earns money by paying interest to the companies, which they have almost driven to ruin by their incompetence?

It is also unacceptable that loss of income caused by the German government is not covered by the emergency aid. As a result, solo traders must now apply for ALG 2 (social welfare). But this is only possible under strict conditions and an imposition for every hard-working solo entrepreneur.

A few politicians have decided at the round table to plunge Europe’s most successful economy into chaos overnight. The vested interests (candidacy for chancellor) of politicians like Armin Laschet (CDU), Jens Spahn (CDU) and Markus Söder (CSU) have certainly played a major role in this. This is because the more “leadership qualities” politicians display in crises, the more popular they become with the population. Unfortunately, politicians know that the majority of Germans do not even know what GOOD leadership qualities are and can therefore act in a homely manner. Therefore we cannot expect much positive from these politicians in the next weeks. Instead, we hope that politicians of the opposition and especially the SPD will finally take responsibility and not continue to hide. Perhaps even in combination with the CEOs of large companies who are (still) extremely quiet. Here, too, one can only wonder how little they act. But maybe talks with the government all take place behind our backs, which would make the whole thing very understandable again. Or are some perhaps happy about the money blessing of short-time work due to overproduction in the past months?

One thing is certain. Just pumping money into the economy will not be enough. The whole world envies us for our middle class, which built Germany after the Second World War. NOW our middle class needs fast and practical help and not empty promises in the form of hardly callable credits! Above all, we need offers, which measures or support programs will be available in the future to revive our economy. Also an unconditional basic income, e.g. by the end of the year, would certainly be helpful.

We only hope that the Stockhom Syndrome has not yet set in, as Jean Huntziger describes in his article on the Corona Virus (1)

(1) https://www.facebook.com/763894081/posts/10158225329044082?d=n&sfns=mo




We must analyze other models

We cannot avoid analysing other models, such as those practised in Sweden. Or even better, Asian models such as Korea or Taiwan, which managed without strict restrictions on going out and, above all, without bringing the economy to a standstill. Yes, even models that at first glance appear to be carried out by “strange” presidents such as Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil or Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus must be looked at. Maybe you can’t learn anything, then it’s ok. But maybe we can get a lot of new insights from their models.

In any case, there are very successful models like the one in South Korea. The USA and South Korea had the first corona patient at the same time. Today there is a world of difference between the two countries. Interestingly, the USA makes a similar model to Germany, while South Korea has built on exclusion of positively tested people, with great success. Also the Swedish approach under the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell seems to be a very successful model, at least until today, and also relies on not destroying the economy of our neighbouring country.

It is also surprising that the RKI has not yet carried out a study on herd immunity. The few results on the ship Princess or in Iceland show that this theory is worth thinking about. More and more experts, such as the worldwide renowned Prof. Dr. Ulrich Montgomery (1) or the director of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Lohse, plead for this approach and consider the current compartmentalization to be wrong.

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMqzvsq8m9U&feature=emb_logo





Bonus payments to “systemically relevant persons”

The crisis has shown that Germany’s happiness depends on systemically important activities and not on bank employees and lawyers. Activities such as picking goods and filling shelves or producing disinfectants and mouthguards were suddenly the most sought-after and important activities, alongside activities in hospitals, nursing homes, public authorities, at energy and water suppliers or in waste and disposal companies.

We believe that our state owes these people not only a friendly thank you. We would like to remind the state how generous it has been towards greedy banks and how billions have been helped. It was always surprising that Germany was able to raise extremely large amounts of money to rescue banks. While at the same time the coffers of pensioners and unemployed people seemed to be empty.

Therefore we demand:
1) The state makes further debts and distributes these to the group of systemically important people.

2) The state sets up a special commission to find ways to ensure that these people will receive higher net salaries in the FUTURE. This would kill two birds with one stone, because then Mr Spahn would no longer have to desperately look for nursing staff abroad. (1) (2)


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Committee of inquiry Corona

It’s not about blame and that heads are now “rolling” as quickly as possible. But what we need immediately is a committee of inquiry in Berlin and in Brussels. After Covid-19 comes Covid-20, and perhaps as early as 2021. The previous models, which already existed at the RKI (1), must in any case be reconsidered. What certainly still needs to be discussed is the strategy paper: How we get Covid-19 under control (2). In this internal paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 17 pages “analyse” how the German state should best deal with the Corona crisis or what is to be expected and how to scare the German population. We condemn this paper in the strongest possible terms and it turns our stomachs when we think that a large amount of taxpayers’ money has been wasted on this.

So it says there among other things: ” In order to have the desired shock effect, the concrete effects of an infestation on human society must be made clear” . In the following three recommendations of the allegedly 10-person team of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which show what kind of sick people work there or were commissioned by the Ministry to prepare this report. To this day, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer refuses to explain to the taxpayers who prepared the report and what it cost. There have already been politicians who had to take their hats off for significantly fewer offences. Here is an extract of what we should be told:

“Suffocation is a primal fear for every human being”


1) Many seriously ill patients are taken to hospital by their relatives, but are rejected and die agonizingly struggling for air at home. Suffocation or not getting enough air is a primal fear for everyone. The situation, in which nothing can be done to help relatives who are in mortal danger, is also a primal fear. The pictures from Italy are disturbing.

2) “Children will hardly suffer from the epidemic”: Wrong. Children will be easily infected, even if there are exit restrictions, e.g. with the neighboring children. If they then infect their parents, and one of them dies at home in agony, and they feel that they are to blame, for example because they forgot to wash their hands after playing, it is the most terrible thing a child can ever experience.

3) Consequential damage: Even though we only have reports of individual cases so far, they paint an alarming picture. Even apparently healed children after a mild course can apparently experience relapses at any time, which then suddenly end fatally, through heart attack or lung failure, because the virus has found its way into the lungs or heart unnoticed. These may be isolated cases, but they will constantly hover over those who were once infected like a sword of Damocles. A much more common consequence is fatigue and reduced lung capacity for months and probably years, as has often been reported by SARS survivors and is still the case with COVID-19, although the duration cannot yet be estimated, of course.



For economic reasons alone, Germany cannot afford a second corona crisis in the next few years. That is why it must be considered now which expert committee will take a retrospective view of the events. What is needed here is an openness towards the population, but also a ruthlessness towards those responsible. If politicians are expecting so much suffering from the German people, we can also expect our politicians to analyse in detail what went wrong. And there are enough of those.

The most important point will be to create a real, new pandemic plan as quickly as possible. But this is not possible without coming to terms with the catastrophic events of the last few weeks.


(1) https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/I/Influenza/Pandemieplanung/Downloads/Pandemieplan_Teil_II_gesamt.pdf?__blob=publicationFile

(2) https://fragdenstaat.de/dokumente/4123-wie-wir-covid-19-unter-kontrolle-bekommen/


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