Educating people about mRNA!

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Many people are not at all aware of what mRNA vaccines are. And even more people do not want to know at all. Therefore, admonishing fingers are not the right instrument, but we want to make people think. For this reason you can order both A2 posters and stickers free of charge in our Shop. Distribute them all over Germany so that more people inform themselves about what mRNA vaccines are and what dangers they pose. 

Educate people without playing know-it-all


Please copy these DIN A4 sheets and distribute them legally. For mailboxes, please be sure to note if someone does NOT want AN ADVERTISEMENT. The text was written deliberately friendly and compassionate or enlightening. We are not about being right, but about reaching out to each other and mobilizing people.

Start an IBAM group

All members of IBAM stand behind our Manifesto and have in common that they enjoy exchanging ideas with other holistic thinking people. Some groups are very active and meet regularly and some members “only” meet for a coffee now and then. The main point is to join together and think about how we can make this world a better place for us and for our children. At IBAM, we support you by providing promotional materials and publicizing your group on the internet and social media. We can also provide you with a video conferencing system free of charge so that you can meet online or send newsletters only to your group members or … – let us know how we can support you.  

Here you can see where there are already active IBAM groups or IBAM members. We can connect you with them or if you have or want to start a group, make members and non-members aware of you. 

Please also download our posters here and use them on demonstrations and hang them up everywhere.





Together we are strong!


Link up at with other people who have also understood that something is going hugely wrong here. And more importantly, let’s work together to prevent this from happening again. Let others know what you are interested in or what you would like to get involved in. Our priority is to connect holistic thinking people with common sense!  






Become a member of IBAM!

We would be pleased if you would become a member and actively participate in our association. For example, make us very specific proposals, or, or, or. You are also welcome to support YOUR party and join us. The one does not exclude the other. Quite the opposite. Just the people who are now actively involved in parties, who demonstrate, who post every day in social networks, just these people I urge to join our citizens’ movement. But please do not rely EXCLUSIVELY on one party, no matter how great it is now or no matter how sympathetic you find YOUR political representative. If we want to change things now, we need to do things OTHER. You can become a member of us here, because doing nothing should not be an alternative for you!

Demonstrate and show the world that you disagree with this policy.

Please continue to go PEACEFULLY on the streets, even if it becomes more and more difficult. But NOT demonstrating is not a solution. Silent marches, for example, are a wonderful way to show that you are peaceful. However, look carefully at who you are demonstrating with. IBAM members are clearly against anti-democrats and say so or express it with our logo.

Here you can see where and when there are demos in Germany.