What can and should we do NOW?

Please copy these DIN A4 sheets and distribute them legally. For mailboxes, please note if someone does NOT want to receive AN ADVERTISEMENT. The text was written deliberately friendly and compassionate or enlightening. It is not about being right, but about reaching out to each other and mobilising people.

Please also download our posters here and use them on demonstrations and hang them up everywhere.




  Link up with other people who have also understood that something is very wrong here. And more importantly, let’s work together to prevent something like this from happening again. Form an IBAM GROUP (detailed instructions here) and tell others what you are interested in or what you would like to get involved in. We are pleased if you are interested in politics. But this is not a basic requirement to join IBAM. We are primarily interested in networking holistically thinking people with common sense!






ATTENTION: If you want to register for a group AND for the social network, you have to register twice! THANK YOU!
1 x on the page plz.ichbinanderermeinung.de and 1 x on the page social.ichbinanderermeinung.de.
We have created HERE a small, but fine social network, where like-minded people can meet and exchange with each other. Chat HERE with others and / or form a group like on Facebook. Only with the difference that you can have a different opinion here without being blocked! So have a look and chat with other dedicated people. By the way, we only have trolls for a short time, because they are banned immediately :-)!
We would be pleased if you would become a member of our association and actively participate in our new association. Make us e.g. very concrete suggestions, or, or, or, or. You are also welcome to support YOUR party and join us. The one does not exclude the other. Quite the opposite. Especially the people who are now actively involved in parties, who demonstrate, who post every day in social networks, these are the people I call upon to join our citizens’ movement. But please don’t rely ONLY on one party, no matter how great it is now or no matter how sympathetic they find YOUR political representative. If we want to change things now, we have to do things OTHER. You can become a member of us here. And it is not about money, by the way. If you have some, then support us with a small contribution. And if you do not have any, then support us with your energy and your activity. But doing nothing should not be an alternative for you!

We are not powerless.


The secret to positive change is to bring a large number of people together for a common goal. And that goal is to let our government know that we are much more the change we want. Their polls, that 90% are more or less satisfied with the work of the current government, are certainly “influenced”. So let’s show our government that we are much more people who are not satisfied!

How do we do that?

Below are 5 IBAM actions that you can support today. Of course there are many more possibilities, like posting our actions in social media or hanging up posters or… we are sure you can think of enough actions yourself. But please, take part in one or all 5 IBAM actions.

Take part in our campaign: 1 Million signatures! and collect 15 signatures in your family, with your friends, on the street, in the office, while shopping, in the park! Of course you can collect more! And let us go to Berlin afterwards and personally hand over these signatures with a big demonstration to Mrs Merkel!

P.S. By the way, in his research (blood samples, air samples, smear tests on animals, etc.) Prof. Hendrik Streeck could not find any viruses capable of replication in animals or outside the body, e.g. on door handles, surfaces, etc. (1) (2). Therefore you need not be afraid of a piece of paper. And you can also distribute a sheet of paper among people at a distance.

HERE you can download the signature list.

You can also submit your “signature” digitally. We then print them out in lists and add them to the handwritten signatures of our action: 1 million signatures. The most important thing is that we get enough votes together! You can register HERE
Support our petitions. Thomas Stapper has demonstrated it. His petition against the compulsory vaccination (support HERE) already has over 500.000 supporters. Another petition is the end of the Corona measures.
Go LEGAL on the street. Keep your distance, BUT participate in demonstrations. Print our logo (below) and show the world: SO NOT! Send us information to: info@ichbinanderermeinung.de and let us know where demonstrations are taking place. We will publish it here on our website. The dear colleagues of nichtohneuns.de have HERE a page with email addresses of people who organize demos all over Germany!

By the way, you can order IBAM DIN A6 stickers here for free from now on.