Let us act!



Unfortunately, it is now utopian to believe that our government will still set up a council of experts. And even if our government has understood that it has made a big mistake, they can no longer admit it now. This would have consequences for the parties, but also for all people in Europe, which we cannot yet overlook.

Our economy will be destroyed for years to come, millions of people will starve to death in poor countries and our lives will never be the same again. The challenge now is to prevent even worse from happening and to build a functioning democracy in the future. We want freedom from vaccination! We want free mobile phones for free citizens? We want new laws that better protect our fundamental rights. And we want our politicians to finally take responsibility and not just offer loans on which they

Therefore you should definitely join our citizens’ movement IBAM. 


Lothar Hirneise talks about the lies of our politicians and the new citizens’ movement IBAM. And above all about why we must unite NOW. It is no longer a question of how we used to see the world in the past, but rather that we can now determine, indeed must determine, what our future will look like.
We support IBAM. You too can participate. Send us your logo and support us on-site or online!

It’s coming!


On April 24th, various groups have come together to address over 1 million people over the next few days via email, social media, print media and videos.

In addition, a committee was formed which will draw up a “Common Sense Manifesto”. In other words, we will soon show all Germans a way how to live a new, a better, democracy. Let us show millions of people in Germany that they are not alone with their dissatisfaction. And we ask everyone to join our citizens’ movement. How, we explain further down the page.

But even more important is that we now show the world what we want, what we want and what we deserve as people of this earth. Let us remain positive. It is enough that our truth deniers started again the day before yesterday in the Bundestag to talk each other down and blame each other, just as they always do. But everyone, without exception all politicians, failed this time. Not a single representative of the people took to the streets and stood up for our fundamental rights. You were all silent when our companies were destroyed, and to this day no one has apologised for lying to us about the danger of Corona.

And now, after everything is in the well, no one in Berlin has the backbone to stand up and apologize. They’re all afraid that if they admit their mistakes, the voters will run away for 2021. And that, and that alone, is why they are continuing the policy of the oh-so-dangerous pandemic. Two pictures show very nicely what is happening right now:

In the left picture you can see how seriously our politicians Jens Spahn, Volker Bouffier and Kai Klose take the alleged danger of infection and the right picture shows unmaskingly how we are lied to every day on television when we are told again how catastrophic it would be in the USA or in England. In Florence Nightingale Hospital they had 4,000! beds prepared for respiratory patients and in the whole time until today there were only 40! patients there for treatment. The study by Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel from Tel Aviv fits this picture. He and his team examined many countries and always came to the same result, absolutely independent of whether a shutdown was made or not. The peak of the crisis was always on the 40th day and lasted a maximum of 70 days. So just like every influenza season.

But now it’s no longer a question of clarification, because those who have not yet understood how we were lied to and are being lied to will not understand or will continue to deny it in the future, even with more evidence. So let us look positively into the future and consider how we can make our world a better world. While “the world” is supposedly calling for vaccines, we do not want that! While many believe mobile phone tracking would be a good idea, we don’t want it. While politicians think it’s OK that infection control laws take precedence over fundamental rights, we don’t want that! While banks shower us with outrageous loans, we do not want that!

We now have the absolutely unique chance to build a better democracy in which the people, WE, have more say again. Now we can and must talk about environmental protection and about mass animal husbandry. And now we have the chance to stand up and tell our politicians that we no longer accept lobbyists and bribes, which are still falsely called donations. Let us now change together all the things that have been bothering us for decades! We will never get a chance like this again!

Link up with other people who have also understood that something is very wrong here. And more importantly, let’s work together to make sure that this never happens again. Form a IBAM GROUPS or search HERE for like-minded people or chat HERE with other people and form a group like on Facebook. Only with the difference that you are allowed to have a different opinion here without being blocked right away!

We are not powerless.


The secret to positive change is to bring a large number of people together for a common goal. And that goal is to let our government know that we are much more the change we want. Their polls, that 90% are more or less satisfied with the work of the current government, are certainly “influenced”. So let’s show our government that we are much more people who are not satisfied!

How do we do that?

Below are 5 IBAM actions that you can support today. Of course there are many more possibilities, like posting our actions in social media or hanging up posters or… we are sure you can think of enough actions yourself. But please, take part in one or all 5 IBAM actions.

Take part in our campaign: 1 Million signatures! and collect 15 signatures in your family, with your friends, on the street, in the office, while shopping, in the park! Of course you can collect more! And let us go to Berlin afterwards and personally hand over these signatures with a big demonstration to Mrs Merkel!

P.S. By the way, in his research (blood samples, air samples, smear tests on animals, etc.) Prof. Hendrik Streeck could not find any viruses capable of replication in animals or outside the body, e.g. on door handles, surfaces, etc. (1) (2). Therefore you need not be afraid of a piece of paper. And you can also distribute a sheet of paper among people at a distance.

You can also submit your “signature” digitally. We then print them out in lists and add them to the handwritten signatures of our action: 1 million signatures. The most important thing is that we get enough votes together! You can register HERE
Create an IBAM group. No matter if you are interested in alternative medicine, politics, 5G, economic systems or vaccination freedom. With us you will find people with a good mind! Click on the following LINK and found an IBAM Group or join a group.
Support our petitions. Thomas Stapper has demonstrated it. His petition against the compulsory vaccination (support HERE) already has over 183.000 supporters. And soon you can support his new petition here on this page, with the demand

Immediate division of the Federal Ministry of Health into 2 sections – Minister for Conventional Medicine and Minister for Alternative Medicine. Immediate withdrawal of the sole power of the former Minister of Health Spahn.

Go LEGAL on the street. Keep your distance, BUT participate in demonstrations. Print our logo (below) and show the world: SO NOT! Send us information to: info@ichbinanderermeinung.de and let us know where demonstrations are taking place. We will publish it here on our website. The dear colleagues of nichtohneuns.de have HERE a page with email addresses of people who organize demos all over Germany!

By the way, you can order IBAM DIN A6 stickers here for free from now on. Delivery from 30. April 2020

Please download our posters here and use them on demonstrations and hang them up everywhere.