It’s now or never!

Our economy is destroyed. People in poor countries are starving. Politicians don’t admit their error.

These three sentences best describe the status quo in Germany. But we cannot look backwards and must now see that we do everything possible to prevent such a fiasco from happening a second time. How? We will explain this to you here on this page.


Lothar Hirneise talks about the new citizen movement IBAM and why parties are not the solution to our problems. PLEASE FIRST watch this video!
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Problems we finally have to talk about!

Why (new) parties are the problem and not the solution!

If you read the election programs of parties, you could actually vote for almost any party. There are only the best and most beautiful things in the texts. But the reality is quite different. We still have factory farming. We still have plastic on every corner. Still unknown groups determine which therapy is the best for me when I am ill. We still have no say in which therapy is paid by a health insurance company.

Our current democracy of a pure party system cannot and will not change these problems. The reason? Because it will always be possible to bribe parties in one way or another. Many politicians have 2-5 jobs and sit on countless boards of directors. They also tell us again and again that these jobs, for which they get a lot of money, do not influence them in their daily actions. Do you honestly believe that nonsense? Do you really believe that if someone gives you a lot of money, that it has no influence on what you do? That alone shows how stupid voters think we are. And that these people vote for us anyway. This problem of influence through party donations is much bigger than we can even imagine. But if we want a functioning democracy, this kind of lobbying must be stopped immediately.



Politicians are obliged first to their parties and unfortunately, unfortunately not to their voters!

Of course, every politician now shouts and claims that this is not true. Cross your heart, honestly? Do you know anyone who agrees with everything a party does? Haven’t you often wished that one or the other politician you consider likeable and intelligent were perhaps in another party? Or even better, completely independent of parties, who represents in the Bundestag what he alone thinks is right. And not what his party dictates to him. In a 2019 survey, for example, a great many people in Germany found Sahra Wagenknecht to be an excellent politician, but almost all of them also said that she was in the wrong party. This small example shows that parties do not promote true democracy, they even hinder it extremely. Voters first want to elect people they like and trust. But that is not even possible with the first vote, let alone the second vote. Party pressure is the top priority for 99% of all politicians.


In most elections, non-voters are “the largest party” in Germany!

There are a lot of people in Germany who do not vote. In European elections, more than half of all Germans do so. If you ask these people why, you almost always get the same answer: “What should I vote for, cholera or plague?”

But it is a mistake to assume that these non-voters are not interested in politics. The opposite is the case. Most of them are definitely politically engaged or politically thinking people. They just don’t want to support (any more) parties with their vote. Often with the argumentation that if you vote for one of these parties, they also believe that their actions are okay. Unfortunately, our electoral law does not allow that above a certain number of non-voters no Bundestag is elected. This means that politicians don’t really have to care about their voters and can be sure that they will be back in the Bundestag 4 years later, no matter how many people they have elected. No matter how good or bad they are. What changes is only the composition of the Bundestag, but not our democracy.




The Solution

Are we not powerless against this great political apparatus? What can one single voice achieve? Why should I even go to the polls anymore? Is this still the kind of democracy I want?

Surely you have already asked yourself one or the other question. But that’s because you are constantly being told in the media that this is the system and you have to accept that. Just like they told us, if we don’t stay at home, this evil Corona Virus will kill us. We should and must also accept that our companies are insolvent and that our state will only help us with absolutely unacceptable loans.

But as the President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), said just a few days ago: “When I hear that everything else is to be resigned from the protection of life, then I have to say: that is not right in this absoluteness”! With this he expressed that values must be weighed against each other and that even the protection from death competes with other goals. How right he was. But unfortunately, Mr Schäuble also forgot to mention how much our democracy has failed. We no longer have to accept this, however, and that is why we would like to present you with a different, better democracy.


We together, our citizens’ movement, we are founding groups in all 299 constituencies. These groups can be pure IBAM groups, in which one talks, so to speak, about all political topics of this world. But they can also be thematic groups, for example of people who want to get involved in the fight for vaccination-free vaccines or for holistic medicine or for…? At present we are already more than 200 people who would like to found such groups or have already done so.

All groups then democratically select a politician to be elected at the next elections. If there are several candidates in a constituency, a selection procedure will take place and ONE candidate will be democratically elected, who will then exclusively represent HIS voters in the Bundes- or Landtag. The basic requirement for a candidate is our “Common Sense Manifesto” (see next page). This term was created by our member of the IBAM Board of Directors, the well-known comedian and moderator Jens Lehrich. With this term he addressed one of the biggest problems of our politicians, the lack of common sense.




Everyone is welcome to start IBAM groups. And everyone who feels called is welcome to represent us in the Bundestag, in the Landtag, in the community or even in Brussels. We are not interested in who you are and what you have done before. We welcome professional politicians who are not satisfied with their party. But we are equally happy about “the cashier next door” or the local entrepreneur who has been thinking about politics in Germany for 20 years. The only condition is that you conform to our manifesto of common sense and carry a great love in your heart to engage yourself for other people. We are firmly convinced that love is a boomerang.




If the Corona crisis has shown us anything, it is that we need expert tables and not just the opinion of one or two experts. The influence of lobbyists who distribute ‘donations’ has for decades prevented experts with different opinions from sitting at the same table. Nearly all so-called expert rounds look like this: all experts have the same basic opinion and then only discuss details.

Think for yourself what would have come out of this crisis if Prof. Drosten and Prof. Wieler had been at the same table from the outset, but also well-known luminaries such as Prof. Streeck, Prof. Mölling, Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Wodarg. Would there have been a shutdown as well? According to what we know today, this must be clearly denied. But what many people are not aware of is that we currently have much bigger crises than Covid-19. In Germany, for example, about 700 people die of cancer every day, and about 240,000 every year! Nevertheless, there are still no expert tables with oncologists of different disciplines. The same applies to our economic and banking system. We now have a really sick system with minus interest rates and there are many different views than those of the German Bundesbank. But even these experts are never heard.

Or think of the CO2 crisis. Or think of environmental protection in general, keyword plastics. The almost non-existent animal welfare, where our government has been failing miserably for decades, although all necessary changes are known and could easily be implemented etc. etc. But changes will not be feasible as long as parties can be easily bribed or influenced. That is why we will build a democracy in which bribery of politicians is almost impossible. A democracy in which politicians must answer only to their voters and not to their parties. A democracy in which the voice of each individual is once again valuable.

We are founding groups all over Germany, in which people with different opinions meet, but meet lovingly and treat each other with respect. Let us not let politicians and the media rob us of our hearts. But our groups do not only serve to improve our democracy. They will also help us to make new friends, have a good time with like-minded people, or simply to improve our quality of life.

What can you do specifically now?


1. Please go to our

Page: and start a group there so that others can find you better. You can start IBAM groups there. These are groups for people who want to meet with other, holistically thinking people. Or a special group, for the area you want to get involved in. And if you don’t want to found a group, then that’s OK too. But maybe you can drop by and find a group near you where you can join in.

2.  Become a member of IBAM. We are a citizens’ movement and it is not a competition like parties about who has more members or who can collect more votes. But we would still be happy if you would become a member of our party. Your membership fee helps us to move more for you, for all of us. By the way, every member has the right to a transparent account of the association, so you can always be sure that we use your money 100% correctly. Link to the membership application.

3. Please distribute our digital brochure to all your friends, so that we can learn much, much more about our civil movement. You can download this HERE.

4: You like chatting on Facebook? You would like to meet / chat / talk with other people who, just like you, have understood what is going wrong at the moment? Then please go to our Page:

5: Make your group known LOCALLY! Print e.g. our logo (download below) with your internet or email address.

6: Connect to other groups in your constituency or in all of Germany.



„Common Sense Manifesto“



We are a growing group of people who have understood that this great crisis is also a great opportunity. An opportunity to build a new, a better democracy. Away from the usual party system, away from the usual party thinking.

It is not for nothing that we have called our ethical guidelines “Common Sense Manifesto”. This crisis has shown us all that this common sense has been lost by all politicians, by all parties. Just think of our Minister of Defense Kramp-Karrenbauer, whose only concern in Germany’s biggest crisis is to buy 45 new jets for the German Armed Forces. That these billions of taxpayers’ money could be spent differently, for example to thousands of small companies who don’t know how to pay their rent tomorrow, doesn’t occur to her. Not to mention how it is for people who have to read something like this at the moment. Unfortunately, this is just one example out of an infinite number that shows how much our politicians don’t even know what the two words common sense actually mean.

“Quite normal” people, on the other hand, agree with many experts around the world and quickly understood that the shutdown decided by politicians will lead to more suffering and more deaths than all the corona viruses of this world together. We must assume millions of dead in poor countries alone. But also in Europe there will be a great increase in suicide rates and more deaths from cancer which were not treated during the corona crisis or were diagnosed too late.

Our politicians, on the other hand, are still maintaining the suspension of our fundamental rights, although it is now clear that they have made a fatal mistake. It has long since ceased to matter whether the reason for sticking to nonsensical measures now is because they do not want to lose voters by admitting mistakes, or because they are simply completely unreasonable in denying the truth. With our citizens’ movement, we are going to begin a process which will end with the word democracy once again standing for what it means in Greek: popular rule! Here are our basic ethical rules:


1. The Basic Law is above all other laws

Practicable and enforceable regulations must be put in place in order to preserve our fundamental rights while respecting the hygiene of epidemics. This also requires an immediate amendment of the Infection Protection Act.


2. Parties and politicians may not accept donations

Also not about “second jobs” in boards of directors or organizations. Donations from industry and business have brought us a policy for the economy, but no longer for the people! We all know that. But unfortunately many Germans have accepted this approach because they are not aware of the great impact this influence of industry has on our daily lives.


3. Restructuring of the public service media

Public legal media should serve to strengthen democracy and not be misused for uncritical government reporting. Here, a complete restructuring is necessary and / or a stop of the current financing through compulsory payments.


4. Therapy co-determination right

Patients must be able to have a say in their therapy and have an active say in what their health insurance contributions are spent on. Compulsory treatment of any kind must be rejected on principle, such as compulsory vaccinations.


5. No tracking. No censorship

Unauthorized tracking of phones is prohibited. Neither the German government nor foreign companies such as Facebook or YouTube are allowed to censor in Germany.


6. Revision of our school system

The goal should no longer be the equalized student through a uniform system, but a school system in which the individual human being is supported and educated according to his abilities. The latest research from the field of neurobiology will be incorporated into our schools.


7. Animal welfare

Factory farming or animal husbandry that is not appropriate to the species is prohibited.


8. Migration and immigration

We can only have a positive impact on migration migration with a global approach. Causes of migration such as war and poverty through the exploitation of people or the overexploitation of raw materials must be stopped immediately.


9. Peace / National defence

The aim is friendship with all countries according to the UN Charter. Participation in acts of war, including by foreign states on German soil, must be rejected.


10. Dynamic action

There are certainly other points that belong in our Common Sense Manifesto. Here we trust the theory of dynamic actions, which says that when you start something that has a lot of energy flowing into it, new actions arise that you cannot predict. But this is OUR CITIZENS’ MOVEMENT and we want to continue working with you on this manifesto. There are so many great experts in Germany who can certainly show us ways, often quite different ways than before, out of the individual crises. Get involved in our expert panels and help us to develop a different, better democracy.

Link up with other people who have also understood that something is very wrong here. And more importantly, let’s work together to make sure that this never happens again. Form a IBAM GROUPS or search HERE for like-minded people or chat HERE with other people and form a group like on Facebook. Only with the difference that you are allowed to have a different opinion here without being blocked right away!

We are not powerless.


The secret to positive change is to bring a large number of people together for a common goal. And that goal is to let our government know that we are much more the change we want. Their polls, that 90% are more or less satisfied with the work of the current government, are certainly “influenced”. So let’s show our government that we are much more people who are not satisfied!

How do we do that?

Below are 5 IBAM actions that you can support today. Of course there are many more possibilities, like posting our actions in social media or hanging up posters or… we are sure you can think of enough actions yourself. But please, take part in one or all 5 IBAM actions.

Take part in our campaign: 1 Million signatures! and collect 15 signatures in your family, with your friends, on the street, in the office, while shopping, in the park! Of course you can collect more! And let us go to Berlin afterwards and personally hand over these signatures with a big demonstration to Mrs Merkel!

P.S. By the way, in his research (blood samples, air samples, smear tests on animals, etc.) Prof. Hendrik Streeck could not find any viruses capable of replication in animals or outside the body, e.g. on door handles, surfaces, etc. (1) (2). Therefore you need not be afraid of a piece of paper. And you can also distribute a sheet of paper among people at a distance.

You can also submit your “signature” digitally. We then print them out in lists and add them to the handwritten signatures of our action: 1 million signatures. The most important thing is that we get enough votes together! You can register HERE
Support our petitions. Thomas Stapper has demonstrated it. His petition against the compulsory vaccination (support HERE) already has over 183.000 supporters. And soon you can support his new petition here on this page, with the demand

Immediate division of the Federal Ministry of Health into 2 sections – Minister for Conventional Medicine and Minister for Alternative Medicine. Immediate withdrawal of the sole power of the former Minister of Health Spahn.

Go LEGAL on the street. Keep your distance, BUT participate in demonstrations. Print our logo (below) and show the world: SO NOT! Send us information to: and let us know where demonstrations are taking place. We will publish it here on our website. The dear colleagues of have HERE a page with email addresses of people who organize demos all over Germany!

By the way, you can order IBAM DIN A6 stickers here for free from now on. Delivery from 30. April 2020

Please download our posters here and use them on demonstrations and hang them up everywhere.
We support IBAM. You too can participate. Send us your logo and support us on-site or online!