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I beg to differ

Form a party? Merging smaller parties?

Many people believe that a NEW party would be the solution to our problems. Or if many small parties would join together. But both solutions are neither fast enough nor even remotely feasible if one goes into detail. Clemens Kuby, for example, called a few days ago on all small parties to join together. However WITHOUT success. At the moment we do not know of any two parties that have merged. Even the three new parties that have just formed work exclusively for themselves.

Exactly for this reason we have founded the citizens’ movement IBAM, because EVERYBODY can join in and it is not about party affairs. You are welcome to join a party AND our movement. It will cost you NOTHING with us, except that you will spend your life FOR US ALL.

What we need now is MANY people, hundreds of thousands if not millions, to join in. This is only possible with a civil movement. And IF MANY of them participate, this movement in Berlin has enough power to “govern”. It is up to us now!

What can I do?


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You’re demonstrating? Are you resisting? We’re taking part!

Please send us an email to and we will publish your demonstration so that many can participate! 

What’s next?

INFO: You can download our logo below!


* Go to our Facebook pages and/or into your Telegram App ( and tell the other people there WHO you are and in which city you will be doing a group. Also tell the others WHAT you are interested in. And participate regularly in our discussions. For group leaders, we will be introducing our own social network in the next few days.

* Post our logo on your social media pages and tell others about our citizen movement.

* Tell all your friends and relatives about IBAM and why it is now so important that we together set up a citizens’ movement.

* Post our logo or a link to the networks in which you are present. The more often people hear from us the better. And all of this again and again.

* If you write comments for videos on Youtube or for contributions from any online magazines, always mention our citizen movement.

* Network with other people who have similar groups to yours. No matter where they live in Germany.

* Be brave and ask in shops if you are allowed to hang our logo (the one with the internet address) there and also hang one in your office / shop where you work.

Our common goals


1. Our basic program and what we stand for. HERE is a FIRST draft. However, this is not a fixed programme, but rather a living one and still needs to be worked out in detail by a panel of experts.

2. A civil movement that does not support the current parties and politics.

3. To become a BIG citizens’ movement, with at least one million citizens to have enough influence on politics and economy.

4. IBAM groups in thousands of cities and communities throughout Germany.

5. Living democracy with fast and direct voting on the Internet.



Please share the link for this video with other people so that they too can learn about our civil movement!

You may download our logo here for free use.