Our principle program


Please read our program and make suggestions. You have certainly understood the basic principle of independence and true democracy.

1.Draft programme of principles

Below is our FIRST draft for a basic programme of a citizens’ movement, which could also stand for a new party. We have only included the 10 points which were most important and explainable for us initiators at that time. Everything else will be clarified and voted on by expert panels. Just as it should be for a real democratic party in 2020.

What are expert panels?
We select the experts we think are the best and ask them if they would advise us. One example: In the Corona crisis, we would have set up a committee with experts such as Prof. Bhakdi, Prof. Hockertz, Prof. Streeck, Dr. Wodarg, Prof. Mölling and other experts who suggested these people. But we would also have asked Prof. Drosten and Prof. Wieler and then discussed the situation in large and/or small groups. This round would then have made one or more proposals to the party / government.

Expert panels are to be used for all areas such as: environmental protection, animal welfare, energy, migration, peace research, development aid, health, etc. Each member can propose experts, give reasons for the proposal and put it to the vote.





1. No party donations

This is certainly the most important point of a new party, because as long as companies can buy politicians, nothing will change. We now have more lobbyists than MPs in Berlin. At present there is not a single incorruptible party in the German Bundestag. Without exception, all of them accept “donations”. That these donations have no influence on the work of politicians is absolutely implausible. We all know this, but have accepted it so far because there was no alternative.


2. A Job Politician

Members of Parliament may only have ONE job and may not sit on any additional boards, which “allegedly” does not affect their work. Exceptions are only made in the case of entrepreneurs who own BEFORE they accept a mandate and are still willing to “go into politics”. This point is a reinforcement of the first demand. It is absurd to believe that if politicians sit on supervisory boards, this has no influence on their work as members of parliament.


3. Abolition of the GEZ

You can see very clearly where a government with synchronized stations is taking us. ARD and ZDF can continue to exist. But then as broadcasters who (must) do quality journalism in order to receive advertising revenue. 


4. Party members determine together

We live in the 21st century and almost everyone has access to a PC. So ALL members can also vote digitally and above all quickly and daily on the proposals of individual expert panels. Similar to the referendums in Switzerland. This also does not determine an unalterable direction of the party and can be changed if the majority of the members vote for it.


5. Revision of our health policy

Patients must be able to choose their therapy and have an active say in what their health insurance premiums are spent on. We also reject compulsory treatment such as compulsory vaccinations in general. We are of the opinion that everyone should have access to all information about vaccinations and then be allowed to choose for themselves.


6. We are for Europe, for the euro and for a border-free Europe

But watch out. This does not mean that we approve of the policy of the European Central Bank or the current policy of repressing freedom of expression, which is what Mrs von der Leyen is trying to do. We do, however, believe that an exit from the euro or even from Europe would not be good for us, especially not for the strong German economy. Not to mention the fact that we are against borders within the Schengen Agreement.


7. Free Internet without tracking and censorship

If we now allow our government to introduce total surveillance of our private lives with the excuse of Corona, we will soon be in Chinese hands. Above all we have to resist the planned tracking in operating systems like Android or IOS. But also in general against censorship on the Internet as currently by groups like Correctiv.


8. Introduction of an independent admission to studies

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are still allowed to conduct their own studies and decide what, when and how they publish. This must end immediately. We need an INDEPENDENT authority to which pharmaceutical companies can register studies, have them carried out by these authorities and also pay for them there. This is the only way to ensure that patients will know in future which drugs really help and which do not. Smaller companies can apply for financial support for studies, so that innovative drugs / therapies can be carried out not only by large companies.


9. Basic laws take precedence over all other laws, also over the infection protection law

If we allow our basic rights to be taken away from us, we will no longer have a republic in which the people of the state are the highest power. Even a Corona crisis could have been overcome with respect for fundamental rights. If we allow our professional rights, our right of assembly, our freedom of expression and the practice of our religion to be banned, we no longer have a republic. Therefore, feasible and enforceable regulations have to be made to ensure that our basic rights can be exercised in a manner that respects the hygiene of epidemics.


10. Environmental protection, animal welfare, energy, migration, peace research, development aid…

There are still many points that need to be discussed, such as stopping all preparations for war, mass animal husbandry, a complete rethink of current development aid or the major issues of migration and the environment. BUT, there are so many great experts out there who can certainly show us ways, often quite different ways than before, out of the individual crises. Only so far NO ONLY party listens to these experts. Just as our government relies on one single expert – and we are now abandoned. Therefore we will introduce expert panels for each area, in which conventionally thinking and unconventionally thinking experts will sit.