Prof. Dr. Dr.

Harald Walach

I am a professor at the Medical University of Poznan, Poland and a visiting professor at the University of Witten-Herdecke (Philosophical Foundations of Psychology). I am also founder and director of the “Change Health Science Institute“. Furthermore I work as a freelance consultant, scientist, author and coach. Until 2016 I was professor for research methodology at the European University Viadrina.

I look back on a 30-year career in the evaluation of complementary medicine, have published more than 165 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, written 86 chapters for books, written 11 books myself and edited 13. I am particularly interested in the role of consciousness in medicine, but also in our culture. This has led me in recent years to questions of meditation research and the cultivation of consciousness.

I studied psychology and philosophy in parallel (from 1978-1984, with a year abroad in philosophy at University College London; see also my curriculum vitae: Curriculum Vitae Prof. Harald Walach →).

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Books by Prof. Harald Walach

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Harald Walach is one of the leading figures in complementary medicine. In this stirring non-fiction book in the field of health, he shows alternative ways of freeing ourselves from the role of the passive recipient of medical interventions. With “Healing comes from within”, anyone interested in their health leaves the mere role of patient and takes responsibility for their own body.

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The book shows which historical developments have led to psychology, which basic philosophical themes have been newly united and negotiated in it, and which scientific-theoretical currents have been taken up within psychology. In the new edition, it is expanded to include descriptions of phenomenology.

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In the field of Complementary Healing, you are confronted daily with statements and attitudes and asked for your assessment. Knowledge from training and information from the Internet will not help you in this.

The renowned editors and authors combine scientific, therapeutic and pharmaceutical expertise.

In this well-founded reference book they describe various healing methods.