We are a great team of enthusiastic people. We have always done more in our lives than we should have done – and we would like to do so. We are used to being active. Everyone in his profession, in his family and as a citizen of the earth for all. That is why it was very difficult for us to be forced into passivity against our will. This was reinforced when we dealt intensively with the subject of Covid-19. Since some of us are very well versed in various medical fields, we used this knowledge to get an idea of the current situation. We were able to see relatively quickly that we were informed very, very unilaterally by the public service news. This was also confirmed by several foreign friends from research, especially from Asia. The current shutdown, which will be responsible for more deaths than Covid-19, has led us to consider whether we should just sit passively at home or whether we can actively do something. And so the movement arose: I disagree. If you agree that something is going wrong here at the moment, please support our action. Even if we do not change anything tomorrow or the day after, what we are doing today is still extremely important. Let us show our politicians that we want to be heard in the future and that we will not accept a second time of a policy over our heads and against scientific facts. Carpe diem Your IBAM team P.S. Links in the picture, by the way, is Lothar Hirneise. We chose him as our spokesman because he was the only one who agreed to do so 🙂 Thx!

INDEPENDENCE is very important to us! Promised!

No religious intentions

Although many of our team are devout and spiritual, we do not act for a religious community.

No political intentions

Although many of us are interested in political issues, we are not acting for a party or promoting a political direction.

No institutional intentions

Although some of us own companies or are boards of organizations, we do not act on their behalf or for them. .

We are responsible for what we do,

but also for what we do not do.


Francois-Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire

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