Guide to the creation of an IBAM group


Every democrat who stands by our manifesto can found an IBAM group. We are about people meeting who think holistically, peacefully and democratically. Below is a detailed schedule:


  1. Enter your group at the bottom of this webpage.


  1. After that you will receive a free “marketing package” from us, consisting of posters, t-shirt, stickers, balloons, badge and bag.





Use this material to draw attention to your group. When people ask what you stand for or what the group actually does, please always refer to the Manifest or our website.


  1. Try to organize a face-to-face meeting or a digital meeting on a regular basis, e.g. once a month. If you don’t have Zoom, Skype or other software for this, we can provide you with a video conferencing system free of charge.


  1. Draw attention to your group by:
  • Demos
  • Flyer distribution
  • Lectures with yourself or others you ask to lecture
  • Hanging our posters in local stores or companies
  • Let your creativity and intuition play. We are sure you have many more ideas.

Always keep in mind that we are not rebels who stand for guerrilla marketing. We want to reach out to other people and not to offend them.





6. Create a group on with the following title: IBAM Name, as e.g. IBAM Ulm. If this already exists, join this group OR start your own group e.g. IBAM Ulm 2. is a social network for holistic thinking people.

7. make your own webpage. If you can’t do that, let us know and we will make one for you. E.g. Of course we will promote it in the future on our webpage, in social networks and in our newsletter.

Registration possible from Friday!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Z.B. Impfen, 5G, Bildung, Medizin usw. Kann auch freigelassen werden, da die meisten sich sowieso für alle Themen interessieren.